Boiler Service

Just like water heaters, boilers need to be serviced too! Whenever you have a fixture that water or gas is passing though, it is important to perform regular maintenance to ensure that it is working correctly and does not have any leaks.

Here are some tasks that your plumber will do when you have your boiler serviced:

– Check the pressure relief valve
– Check the operation of thermostats
– Check pumps
– Check heating zone valves
– Check radiant floor temperature controller
– Check expansion tank
– Check water pressure and temperature settings
– Check and adjust pilot light if necessary
– Check water piping to boiler
– Check gas piping to boiler
– Check for gas leaks
– Check operation of safety limit switches
– Examine heat exchanger
– Examine and clean burners
– Clean interior and exterior of equipment
– Inspect additional items, and make additional adjustments and recommendations as necessary