“My water heater isn’t working!”

One of the most common calls that we receive is from people (probably just like you!) saying that their water heater is no longer working and they are not sure why that is. Below is a list of common water heater customer issues and how they are commonly addressed by our customer specialists.

“My water is only lukewarm, but it used to be hot.”

If you water heater is electric, we suggest that you might want to adjust the thermostat and see if that helps. Be advised that it may only be a temporary fix for older hot water tanks, but we’ll be here when you need us!

If your water heater is powered by gas, the issue may be related to a gas valve or burner issue, but this can vary. We always recommend that you have our certified professional plumbers work on your gas water heater for you since it can be a potentially dangerous undertaking to work on natural gas products if you lack the knowledge and certification.

“My pilot won’t light.”
“My pilot keeps going out.”

We get a lot of these calls. In these cases, you may need to have your thermocouple or thermal combustion switch replaced. These are relatively easy fixes and are among the most affordable gas water heater repairs. If your water heater is older or was manufactured on a defective line (as this unfortunately happens sometimes), your water heater may need a new gas valve. However, because we operate with the customer’s best interests in mind and troubleshooting can be a step-by-step process, we will always start at the lowest level (i.e., thermocouple or thermal combustion switch replacement) before charging you for a higher cost repair. If you have had one of these minor repairs done and the problem persists, then this indicates that the issue is on one of the next steps. Perhaps your gas valve needs to be replaced. In cases where we may need to return to take the next step, we always make sure to credit the work that has been done to keep your bill as reasonable as possible.

Please note: If your water heater is very old and the pilot won’t light, we may recommend that you install a new hot water tank. The benefit of getting a new water heater will be twofold: newer water heaters are made to be more efficient, and your new tank will have a warranty attached to it!

Want to know how old your water heater is? Call us or check our tank age page here.

“I smell electrical burning.”

This can sometimes happen on electric water heaters if wires have shorted or a leak has sprung on your tank. We recommend to have our plumbers check it out immediately. The issue may be repairable, but due to factors such as the age of your tank and the nature of the issue, it may be necessary to replace your tank. Not sure of how old your water heater is? Call us or check our handy serial decoder (a.k.a. water heater birthday decoder) here.

“I think I see some water dripping from the bottom of the tank to the pan.”
“There is a leak at the bottom of my water heater.”

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in the majority of cases this signals that your tank has come to the end of its life. Our condolences. In some cases our plumbers may be able to repair the leak if it is not in fact due to corrosion and the wear and tear from everyday use, be prepared that it may be time to say goodbye to your tank.

“My tankless water heater is showing an error code.”

You have a few options that vary in cost effectiveness. You can refer to your tankless water heater manual to troubleshoot the error code or call your tankless manufacturer customer technical support, or you can call our tankless water heater experts to come and troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your unit! Our plumber will also verify your water heater warranty to see if any parts may be covered by the manufacturer.

These are some of the common issues that people call us to talk about. And we always provide the same great news – WE CAN HELP!



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