Furnace Tips

Let’s talk about your furnace. You know, that rectangle that sits next to your water heater, or perhaps it sits on its own in the depths of your basement.

(They’re not as scary as this one looks.)

Did you know that in order to maximize your furnace’s efficiency it should be cleaned every year?

Like any service, there is a cost associated with having a technician clean your furnace, but it is incomparable to the cost of having an emergency serviceman dispatched on a cold Winter (or early Spring) night!

There are many benefits to having a high-efficiency furnace installed in your home. High-efficiency furnaces can save you hundreds of dollars a year in heating costs. A furnace with an efficiency of 89% or higher can typically deliver heat savings of 20% to 35% more when compared to your old furnace, assuming that your old furnace is in the 60% AFUE (typical of furnaces from 1970 and earlier.)

Here’s some good news: You can offset the cost of having your high efficiency furnace installed and ensure that you keep your heating bills lower by servicing your furnace every year. In the long run, your furnace will have paid for itself in energy savings, and you’ll be helping the environment too! You can read more about maintenance here.



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