High Efficiency Blog #3

High Efficiency Storage Tank Water Heaters


In this blog series, we will explore the world of high efficiency hot water options. Head back to our first blog in this series by clicking here. Click here to go back to High Efficiency Blog #2.

For some home and business, high efficiency storage tanks may be a better option than going tankless. High efficiency storage tanks are made like traditional storage tank water heaters, but they provide hot water at a lower energy cost . Thus, they save you money and cost less than its tankless counterpart.

The high efficiency storage tank brands that we offer have a variety of tank efficiencies and have a lot more to them than meets the eye! All storage tanks are manufactured similarly, however their components and the amount of insulation that they have are what makes the difference between the energy efficiency rating of a standard tank and an EnergyStar certified high efficiency water heater.

High efficiency storage tank water heaters use a mix of electricity and gas to heat the water which is how they remain efficient. Because of this, when you choose to install one of these water heaters you will need to plug your tank directly into an electrical outlet to operate.

High efficiency storage tanks are an especially great renovation upgrade. Between the various upgrade credits, grants, and rebates that are available, you will receive cost benefits and save money on your bills each month!

Imagine this: With a high efficiency water heater supplying water to a single-family or duplex home, the energy cost will be reduced and you can put that money towards another investment- perhaps a bathroom renovation!

Power Vent style water heaters are another high efficiency tank option. These tanks are $200 rebate eligible and use a fan blower to propel combustible gases out of the home. Power vent tanks are used to replace old direct vent water heaters, but you could also upgrade an atmospheric tank to a power vent water heater.

Whether you choose a tankless or storage tank water heater, choosing a high efficiency option is a great investment. Even if you plan to sell your home, having energy saving products help increase the value and desirability of your home during a sale.

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