Water Heater Myths & Misinformation Blog #9

Traditional Water Heaters

In this blog series, we will explore some of the common water heater myths and misinformation that customers frequently call to talk about.

Myth #9 – Turn down your water heater temperature to save energy and money.


This myth concerns safety. As we mentioned in Myth Blog #6, you can turn your heater down while you are away, but it should not be turned down permanently.

Water heaters are normally set to between 49° C (120° F) to 60° C (140° F). At the high range of this scale, this temperature isn’t necessary at all times, however it is the recommended temperature to stave off bacterial growth.

It is also good to be aware that in Canada there are certain guidelines for the temperature at which you keep your water heater. The temperature in Canada should never be below 60° C (140° F) for the water contained in the tank. At your faucets, shower heads or other points of use (plumbing fixtures), the water should be maintained at a minimum of 50° C (122° F). This helps to prevent Legionellae disease which grow within certain water temperatures, so always keep your tank at the right temperature!

Another big safety concern about the temperature of your home hot water is water burns, which is a special consideration for homes with infants or babies. While adults tend to prefer higher temperature water and their skin is able to withstand it, children’s skin can burn very easily, as noted in the chart below.


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