Water Heaters & Hot Water Tanks

Basic Information

Your home hot water tank will be powered by either gas, electricity or propane.

80% of water heaters in Metro Vancouver are powered by gas.

Hot Water Tank Sizes

Commercial water tank sizes can vary greatly from 40 to over 80 US gallons.

Common residential water heater sizes are:

» 40 US gallons
» 50 US gallons
» 60 US gallons
» 75-80 US gallons

Most residential water heaters in Metro Vancouver are 40 or 50 gallons.

Larger tanks emit more carbon monxide and require a larger vent to emit this harmful gas away from your home, so upgrading your water heater size may require a venting upgrade

Small hot water tanks can be installed to supplement your regular system or to use for specific purposes, such as providing hot water to a single sink or small commerical washroom. These small water tanks are generally only available in electric power.

Comparing Water Heaters

Compare these features when choosing a water heater:

Comparison Definition In Electric Powered Tanks… In Gas Powered Tanks… Recommendation
Efficiency Rating Percentage of heat transfer from the energy source to your water 88-95% (water is heated through heating elements placed inside the tank). 55-65% (water is heated below the tank through a gas burner). Choose a higher efficiency product
Recovery Rate Amount of hot water the tank can produce in 1 hour (with 90ºF increase in water temperature) 20-22 gallons/hr 30-40 gallons/hr Gas tanks produce more hot water in less time
First Hour Rating Amount of hot water the tank can produce in 1 hour of continuous usage 50 gallon tank ranges 70-80 gallons 50 gallon tank around 60 gallons Depends on your needs
Estimated Operating Costs Cost to run the water heater per year (@ $0.086 kilowatt/hr) About $400/yr (@ 0.50/therm) About $120-130 per year Depends on your budget

Water Heater Permit Requirements

You are required to have a permit to install a gas water heater. We will help with the permit application by processing the paperwork and arranging any necessary inspections with you. Learn more about water heater permits here.