Pressure Reducing Valve Testing & Replacement

Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) regulate the pressure of water coming into the home from your municipal water source. Most homeowners and renters are unaware that PRVs need to be replaced over time. If you have pressure issues, chances are that you need to have your PRV inspected and possibly replaced.

Low water pressure is just plain annoying to deal with and has implications with hygiene and sanitation.

High pressure water can:

  • » Rupture pipes
  • » Damage plumbing fixtures
  • » Cause personal injury
  • » Void warranties
  • » Increase your water bill


At 150 PSI, twice as much water flow through your plumbing system compared to 75 PSI, and much of high pressure water is wasted. 

Reducing high pressure water and water use will reduce your water and energy bills and decrease the amount of energy expended by your water heater. Your community water treatment centre workload will also be reduced, which can positively affect the environment and the economy.

Recommended Water Pressure (PSI): 60 to 75 PSI

Are you just dissatisfied with your water pressure? Our plumbers can test your PRV and provide recommendations on your home water pressure.