Water Heater Repair & Replacement

When you need your hot water heater repaired or replaced, or you have a plumbing or heating issue that needs to be resolved, call Water Heater Rescue and you can always expect:

Same Day Hot Water Heater Repair

If you notice your hot water heater is leaking, or you run out of hot water sooner than normal, we can schedule a repair or replacement for that day, so you don’t have to live without hot water for longer than necessary. If you call us before 12:00pm, we can send a service technician on the same day!

Even if it’s not an emergency situation, we can often still offer same day service. You can always schedule your installation for a future date that is more convenient for you.

2-Hour Appointment Window

When you call our customer service representatives, they will schedule a 2-hour window when you can expect the technician to come inspect and repair or replace your hot water heater, so you don’t need to book a whole day off work or appointments.

Professional, Certified Plumbing Technicians

When your plumber arrives, they will be in uniform and have a fully stocked truck so the job can be completed on one trip. They will even personally call you when they are on their way to your house with a more accurate time of arrival.

Comprehensive, Initial Consultations

First, the technician will greet you then inspect your hot water tank and do some basic tests. These tests will make sure the water heater still complies with safety regulations and codes.

Next, the technician will sit down with you and fully explain his recommendation, and get your approval before proceeding with any work. Standard hot water tank repairs are usually done quickly, and a typical water heater installation can take between 2 and 4 hours. Tankless water heater installations can take between 6 and 8 hours.

Permit Processing

If the job requires any special permits, we’ll prepare and process the permit for you as part of your service. When your permit is accepted by your municipality, we’ll help you arrange for the inspection. We recommend arranging this inspection as soon as possible as the permit may expire.

In an emergency, we can perform the water heater replacement and concurrently apply for the permit. Most municipalities are lenient in these situations.

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