Water Heater Flush

When was the last time that you flushed your water heater?

For some people the answer is “never” or “I don’t know.”

If you are one of these people, you are not alone! Like many utilities or appliances, we tend to ignore our plumbing system until a problem arises. Water heating is the second largest expense in your home and accounts for 14-18% of your utility bills.

A maintenance flush can:

– Extend the life of your water heater
– Minimize efficiency loss

Here’s how it works:

Storage Hot Water Tank: After taking the necessary safety precautions (e.g. shutting off the water and gas), our plumber will drain your water heater and flush it multiple times using a pump and cleansing solution. Water that comes out on the first cycle will be brown in colour. As the tank is refilled and flushed, the water will become more and more clear. This process takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Tankless Water Heater: After taking safety precautions, our plumber will pump a cleansing solution through your tankless water heater circulation system for about 45 minutes. Before the water is turned back on, the plumber will also remove the inlet filter screen and rinse off any sediment. This process will take approximately 60 minutes.

Maintenance flushing also applies to your indirect storage tank and boiler.