Tankless Combi Boiler

Do you have a water heater and a boiler in your home? Imagine one unit that could provide both heat and hot water!

Tankless combi boilers are the latest in domestic heat and hot water technology. They can seamlessly replace your hot water boiler and hot water tank.

Navien’s Combi Boiler product line includes:

  • » NCB-180

    95% AFUE | 3.4 GPM | Space Heating 14,000-80,000 BTU | Best for small-sized families (1-3 people) and homes with low water use

  • » NCB-210

95% AFUE |  4.0 GPM | Space Heating 17,000-100,000 BTU | Best for medium-sized families (3-4 people) and homes with high water use

  • » NCB-240

95% AFUE |  4.5 GPM | Space Heating 18,000-120,000 BTU | Best for larger-sized families (4-5 people) and families with high water use – Recommended storage tank add-on for families over 4 | Maximum heating space approximately 2,500 sq ft


Benefits of Tankless Combi Boilers

  • » Compact unit to save space! Replaces your hot water tank and floor standing boiler
  • » Extremely energy efficient
  • » Can increase home value
  • » Heats water as you need it
  • » Cleaner water (no storage required)


How Combi Boilers Work

Control valves inside of the boiler allow water to flow either to the central heating system or towards a hot water tap (shower head, faucet, etc.). Combi boilers work on a priority system giving priority to domestic hot water, and so they won’t produce heat and hot water at the same time. If you are trying to fill a bathtub and heat a room, the heat will resume once you have turned off the hot water. Most people find this isn’t an issue as radiant floors and baseboards retain heat well.

How is the water heated?

Cold water passes over a highly efficient heat exchanger which heats up when gas is burned. Over 90% of this heat is transferred to the hot water, and then it goes right to where ever you need it.

Why are Combi Boilers so efficient?

Since combi boilers do not store any hot water there is no heat loss associated with a tank of standing hot water. Water is heated as you need it, so the boiler only fires up when there is a need to produce hot water.

Can I replace my furnace with a Combi Boiler?

If you are looking to replace your forced air furnace with a hot water system, contact us to inquire about a furnace heat coil and water heater system. A combi boiler is intended to be used for radiant floor heat (via hot water) and domestic hot water and thus is not compatible with a forced air furnace. However, a tankless water heater can be used to heat your forced air furnace indirectly and provide your home with domestic hot water for bathing, drinking, and washing!