Water Heater Myths Busted

Everyone and their dog seems to think they know all about water heaters, their functionality and their maintenance. This week we’ll review some common misconceptions and set the record straight on some water heater myths.


Maintenance Isn’t Really Necessary Until Something Goes Wrong.

You might be thinking, “You’re kidding, right?” Unfortunately we’re not. We have even heard licensed professionals give this advice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Regular maintenance can add years to your tank’s life. We strongly suggest flushing your tank once a year to remove sediment that will ultimately cause corrosion and tank leaks. We also encourage checking your anode rod every year once it hits the 3 year mark. An anode rod attracts the minerals that turn to sediment. If your anode rod is worn out, sediment will build up more quickly.


My Kid is Showering Too Long Leaving Me With No Hot Water.

If your tank is less than 8 years old and you aren’t getting enough hot water, it is probably a sign that something else is going on. You may need your dip tube replaced because it has broken, something may be wrong with the thermostat, an element could be burnt out, or– horror of horrors– your tank may be dead and you need to call the experts at Water Heater Rescue for immediate replacement! We recommend to never just assume that someone is using too much water in the shower, because no hot water or very little hot water may be a symptom of a much bigger problem.


Gas Permits are Not Required When Replacing a Gas Powered Tank.

We certainly can’t speak to other areas in Canada, but in the Metro Vancouver Region, gas permits are INDEED required for all gas water heater replacements. Any professional, licensed plumber will not install a tank without proper paperwork and documentation.


Tankless Delivers Hot Water Faster.

Although once heated, your supply of hot water is endless, tankless units actually have a longer lag time for the water to heat up. However, unlike a storage tank, once the hot water begins to come out of your faucet with a tankless water heater, you will never run out.

Water Heaters Can Explode.

We’ve probably all heard someone’s story about their water heater exploding… 15 years ago or more. There are so many safeguards in place with water heaters these days that it would require simultaneous failures of an epic proportion. It’s so unlikely to happen that dogs driving Uber is more likely to happen first!

If you have any more questions about your water heater, or would like to test a myth that we haven’t listed here, please give the experts at Water Heater Rescue a call!




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